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Christmas rocks!!! XD
Current Residence: My bed
Favourite genre of music: Celtic
Favourite photographer: ...ME!^^
Favourite style of art: Anything that has to do with fantasy
Skin of choice: My own...yellow-pale
Favourite cartoon character: Batman
Personal Quote: What dosen't kill you, make you stronger...
MOHAHAHAAAA!!! It's back! EVIL Laughter! 

It is not going to make any sense but I Think I need to get it out of ma system. (Writing to myself in Word isn't working atm.) Sweating a little... 

So! Here's the deal: It's spring!
For some unknown reason, the season (see what I did there? Giggle ) I generally gets the most depressed (actually, I don't Think I have the right to call my condition "depressed", since that seems to be counted as an illness you eat medicine for, so I Think I'll refer to it as: "feeling down".) is during spring.
Mostly it accurs in mars and april. I don't know why, but I Always feel like I'm beeing brought in and out of Azkaban during this period of time. Stare (And what makes it even worse is that I actually doen't have a REASON to feel like this, nor do I want any.)
I guess spring makes me a bit nostalgic, i guess. Remebering a lot of things, good things that makes me miss them, and bad that seem to enlarge.
And it just seem like I'm restraining myself. (read about body language yesterday) but from what? I'm being more like me than I have been in years. And nobody complaines about it. well, someone did in the beginning of this week, but I guess I had it coming. I was really hyper after all, and that person was feeling down too... I'm a really up-and-down-person so it's Amazing that people has made it this long without loosing there heads.I am a dummy! 
I'm also feeling a bit down since the school I'm going to is about to end, and I'll have to move out. (I really like my room)Waaaah!  And I'll miss the sea and all the Amazing people here...
So for the time being, I have a writers-block (if that is what it's called in English?), since I (opposite to alot of people in ma class) can't write when I'm feeling down. And that's a major issue since the class I'm attending is a Writing-class.I think I've fainted. 
I just... had a feeling like 2 weeks ago, that I wanted to finish some things, and it seem like I can't without bothering certain people. :| (Blank Stare) 
And 3 Days ago, one of our homework was to read a book, and I really did not like, it, it was extremely...unsavoury...long story short it was about 2 parents whos daughter was murdered by a man, and then they started hanging out with this person (who had murdered her because "she trusted me so I had to") and in the end loved him more than their murdered daughter. hmm  I felt really distrurbed.
And you can tell when I'm not in a happy mood. Last night i Watched a vampire-Movie. :o (Eek) (And I don't even like vampires!!!) it was bad. really, it was.OMG! 

But on the positive side, last sunday I played paintball for the first time in like 7 years. It was AWESOME!!! :happybounce: I got a headshot! (And when I say I got a headshot, I mean I got a headshot. In ma face. Like green over half of the mask. Awesome!)I am a dummy!  It was in the "city-part".
It actually Went a lot better when I was crawling around in the forest. (Even though i ended up in a lot of big-ants-homes)Oops! It's really quite funny, because, I had this really blue shirt and I'm blond and the limegreen things in ma hair. (don't know what they called. they keep the braid together.) What is funny is that nobody from the opposite team saw me. (I didn't quite fit in in the surroundings) ;) (Wink) 
Though it really ocurred to me what a bad condition I have. I was breathing like Darth Vader or something. But it was really funny, and two Days afterwards I complained about Walking down stairs and sitting down on chairs, since ma thighs were like 2 soaring stones...(bad description).Roll Eyes 

Another funny thing is that I have strated a rpg. Love  Even if i'm horrible at it. Ma character keeps getting her throat and chest ripped open by skeletons... And our GM don't Think we roleplay as much as we should, even though I'm trying. (I'm a horrible actor and i just try to stay alive) But I love our Group. we have the weirdest characters ever! La la la la 

And I've been Reading so much manga that I've started to see their faces in ma food, outside in trees and in ma shower. (Is this bad?)Sherlock Holmes 

And I've watched GoT season 3, and was just like AWXDSRXCZxhfcj!!!! Shocked 

So what else to say?
I had laundry time today, overslept and then didn't bother to use the rest of the time because I wasn't in the mood. (Why can't clothes wash themselves?) Tantrum 

We may or may not rpg tonight.

I still haven't wrote my text that is suppose to be in soon. Facepalm 

I haven't go to the psysical education for several weeks. (Must try to go tomorrow)Grump 

And I probably should prepare some dinner. (I'm a horrible Cook. definitivetly not housewife material)Shrug 

But I'm looking forward to the easter-break in 2 weeks. Woohooooo! 

I should probably end with something funny...In school we're right now doing our own "book" that we are going to print. It's soo funny and I'm super-excited about it! Airborne 

(And I've been over-using the emoticons) Ashamed 

Well Seya later! Meow :3 
  • Listening to: Disney
  • Reading: Nothing for the moment being
  • Watching: Misc.
  • Playing: RPG
  • Eating: Boiled egg
  • Drinking: Hot chokolade


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